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Hans Weisshaar Specializes in the Sale and Restoration
of Fine Violins, Violas and Cellos

The Hans Weisshaar company is expert in restoration and maintenance of instruments of the violin family, from historically important to contemporary violins, violas, and cellos.  Since 1947, we have served clients from all over the USA and abroad.

We carry a selection of fine Italian, French and German instruments and bows for sale, ranging from 18th and 19th centuries to the present day. 

We welcome consignments and provide our expert advice to musicians, collectors, and buyers and sellers. 

Known for its location in Hollywood’s Larchmont Village for six decades, Hans Weisshaar recently moved to Huntington Drive in the Los Angeles neighborhood of San Marino. 

Master luthier, Georg Eittinger, the owner of the company for seventeen years, carries on the tradition of fine European craftsmanship, restoration, and conservation. 

We welcome customers by appointment.

Restoration and Repair

Hans Weisshaar is recognized for its expertise in the restoration of instruments of the violin family. Artistic restorations, large and small, are undertaken by highly-skilled violin makers and restorers. 

For many decades, musicians, artists, and collectors have entrusted their instruments to us for repairs, sound adjustments, and advice.  We strive to preserve the original characteristics of the instrument, adjusting it for the best possible sound and playability. 

Buyers & Sellers, Consignments

We offer our clients fine and rare instruments and bows of exceptional quality. Instruments are available at our locations in Los Angeles, California, and Berlin, Germany, and at special exhibitions around the world. For upcoming events, or to schedule an appointment for an individual viewing, please contact us by email.

Please visit our gallery for examples of our current collection and notable sales. 

An insurance valuation of the purchase is included at the time of sale.  Maintaining your instrument is essential to protect your investment.

We welcome instruments and bows for consignment or purchase and offer competitive consignment options. Hans Weisshaar conducts research and restoration in preparation for the sale of your consigned instrument.

About Hans Weisshaar

Hans Weisshaar, the founder of the company,  established his business on the West Coast in Hollywood, California in 1947. He had been working in New York City for Emil Herrmann, at the time, one of world’s most prominent dealers of rare instruments.

Herrmann’s lead restorer and head of the restoration department was Simone F. Sacconi, recognized as the finest craftsmen in the field, and the most influential luthier of the 20th century. Sacconi was Hans Weisshaar’s teacher and later, became his mentor.

Sacconi supported Weisshaar when he set up shop in Los Angeles. This burgeoning cultural center was rapidly developing a thirst for classical music, and a recording industry in Hollywood. The Hans Weisshaar Story was just beginning…