Makers, restorers and dealers of violins, violas, cellos and bows since 1947. Master luthier, Georg Eittinger, carries on the tradition of fine European craftsmanship, restoration and conservation.

Our Legacy

The Hans Weisshaar Story

Hans Weisshaar

Hans Weisshaar, Master Violin Maker, arrived in the United States in 1937 after studying at the famous German State School for Violin Making in Mittenwald and working in Switzerland, Holland, and Germany.  He became an American citizen and during those early years, worked for William Lewis and Son in Chicago, then for Emil Hermann in New York.  In Hermann’s well-known shop, Weisshaar worked alongside the maker who would become the most influential violin restorer of the 20th century, Simone F. Sacconi.

In New York, Weisshaar met the violin virtuoso Nathan Milstein, who urged Weisshaar to go west to Los Angeles, where there had been a dire need for a professional violin maker and restorer.  So in 1947, he moved to Los Angeles and established the first world-class violin making and restoration workshop in the western United States.

With his reputation for high standards, Weisshaar’s firm became the destination of an ever-expanding constellation of luminaries, including Pablo Casals, Mischa Elman, Zino Francescatti, Jascha Heifetz, Yehudi Menuhin, Michael Rabin, Isaac Stern, Heinryk Szeryng, and Joseph Szigeti, and Alice and Eleonore Schoenfeld.

Hans Weisshaar maintained one of the largest professional violin and bow making and restoration workshops in the United States and he became a mentor to scores of young violin and bow makers and restorers from around the world in his atelier.  Mr. Weisshaar made history with his unprecedented restorations of the “Red Diamond” violin, which afterward became dramatic international news, and “The Bass of Spain” cello, both made by Antonius Stradivari.

As a driving force in the violin trade, Mr. Weisshaar was a co-founder of the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers in 1980.  The Manual for Violin Restoration, co-authored by Hans Weisshaar and Margaret Shipman, was a milestone for the company and the violin making trade. Mr. Weisshaar lived to see its publication in 1988 and enjoyed its many accolades. Upon his death in 1991, Ms. Shipman took over the firm.

Georg Eittinger, Master Violin Maker, was mentored in the Weisshaar workshops.  He bought the company in 2004 and opened a branch of the Weisshaar company in Berlin in 2005.

Georg Eittinger

Georg Eittinger, Master Violin Maker, has spent 30 years in the violin trade and is respected for his expertise and unique talent in restoration and conservation of rare antique violins, violas, cellos, and bows. A graduate of the German State School of Violin Making in Mittenwald, Eittinger holds the German Master Craftsman Diploma (Geigenbaumeisterbrief) and has held senior positions in important violin restoration departments in London and Munich. In addition, he builds new instruments on commission, particularly replicas of rare Italian stringed-instruments.

Previously employed in the London firm of J&A Beare, Mr. Eittinger has been the owner and President of Hans Weisshaar since 2004. He provides his expert opinion on rare and important string instruments and bows to a worldwide clientele of professional musicians, collectors, foundations, and other investors and institutions.  In 2005, he opened a branch of Hans Weisshaar in Berlin.

Eittinger oversees trained violin makers, who continue to come to Los Angeles to expand their knowledge of fine instrument restoration. Mr. Eittinger also teaches the bi-annual Weisshaar Restoration Course for professional violin makers at the German State Violin Making School in Mittenwald, Germany and in Cremona.  He lectures and writes articles on the art of violin making, restoration, and the violin trade.

IN 2016, Georg Eittinger opened a second location of Hans Weisshaar in the Los Angeles area in the scenic and historic city of San Marino, home to the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens. This location quickly became popular with our clientele.

Since the summer of 2018, the location at Huntington Blvd. in San Marino has become the primary and only location in the Los Angeles area, opening a new chapter of offering outstanding instruments, and service and expertise in the violin business and field of the violin making and restoration.


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Our Mission

We are meticulous craftspeople who ensure our customers the highest possible standards of craftsmanship, tonal qualities in our instruments, and ease of playability.

Our customers are our most valuable resource. We give sound advice and expertise, reliable and friendly service, and we offer fair, competitive pricing.

We source our products and supplies through reliable, legitimate providers. We seek out environmentally-sound, sustainable materials to work with as traditional materials become scarce.

We honor the past. We practice conservation and preservation wherever possible in instrument restoration. We maintain the traditions of violin making and ensure the future integrity of our craft, by passing on our knowledge to young apprentices and journeymen who study in our workshops.

We are members of the internationally-recognized violin making guilds.

We support the arts, from grassroots groups to professional organizations.

Current Offerings

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  • Joseph Gagliano

    Joseph Gagliano


  • L&T Carcassi

    L&T Carcassi


  • Enrico Rocca

    Enrico Rocca


  • J.B. Vuillaume – Messiah

    J.B. Vuillaume – Messiah


  • Domenico Busan

    Domenico Busan


  • Leandro Bisiach

    Leandro Bisiach


  • J.B. Vuillaume

    J.B. Vuillaume


  • Antonio Stradivari

    Antonio Stradivari

    ex-stephens violin

  • Mark William Dearlove

    Mark William Dearlove


  • Johannes Cuypers

    Johannes Cuypers


  • Gaetano Sgarabotto

    Gaetano Sgarabotto


  • Pierre Silvestre

    Pierre Silvestre


  • Vincenzo Cavani

    Vincenzo Cavani


  • Camillus Camilli

    Camillus Camilli


  • Enrico Ceruti

    Enrico Ceruti


  • Thomas Dodd

    Thomas Dodd


  • William Forster

    William Forster


  • Charles Francois Gand

    Charles Francois Gand

    ex-louis-kaufmann violin

  • Giovanni Grancino

    Giovanni Grancino


  • Giovanni Battista Guadagnini

    Giovanni Battista Guadagnini


  • Pietro Guarneri

    Pietro Guarneri

    ex-baron-rothschild violin

  • Giovanni Battista Rogeri

    Giovanni Battista Rogeri


  • J.B. Vuillaume

    J.B. Vuillaume


Expert Services

Valuation, Consultation, Restoration and Repairs


We offer our clients fine and rare instruments and bows of exceptional quality. Throughout the year, instruments are available at our locations in Los Angeles, California, and Berlin, Germany, and are also frequently shown at special exhibitions around the world. For upcoming events, please visit our news page. You will find rare instruments from Italy, France and Germany, meticulously restored and prepared in the Hans Weisshaar workshop by Master Luthier. Contemporary instruments are also available. For a selection of instruments for sale and notable past sales, please see our gallery.

A Certificate of Authenticity is included in the sale of an instrument above $15,000 US.
An insurance valuation is provided at the time of the sale at additional no charge.
Maintaining your instrument is essential to protect your investment, therefore we are happy to perform the annual inspection in our workshop at no charge.

We are seeking fine and rare instruments and bows for consignment and purchase and offer competitive consignment options. Research and restoration in preparation for the sale of your fine instrument are undertaken in the Hans Weisshaar workshop.



We provide valuations for violins, violas, cellos and bows, giving accurate replacement values for insurance purposes only. You may be asked to leave your instrument or bow for a preliminary examination to determine if a full written valuation can be issued. Valuation services will be undertaken at our discretion, only if we believe a proper report can be provided. Valuations are made by Georg Eittinger by appointment by phone only.

Fees are based on the value of the instrument, as follows:

$10,000 – $100,000
$100,000 – $250,000
$250,000 and above




An insurance valuation update with no change of ownership will be issued for $95.



Purchasers of rare instruments or bows turn to Hans Weisshaar for advice and professional second opinions before making their final decisions to purchase the right instruments and bows. Hans Weisshaar serves musicians, investors, private collectors, foundations and art institutions, insurance companies and law enforcement organizations. For more information, please contact us by telephone.


The field of fine bowed instrument restoration has evolved into an art within the craft of violin making. Refinement in restoration techniques has paralleled the increase in value of antique instruments during the last few decades. There has been a shift from the mere replacement of damaged parts in an instrument, done in past centuries, to today’s meticulous and painstaking preservation and conservation of original materials.

Only highly-skilled and experienced restorers can meet the changing demands in this specialized field and achieve the result which both players and important instruments deserve. Instrument restoration requires a thorough understanding of the concepts of violin making throughout history and knowledge of the instrument making centers in Italy, France, England and Germany.

Preserving the originality of an instrument or bow as an individual work of art is the foundation of the expert treatment in the Hans Weisshaar restoration department. We consider the demands of today’s performers as well as the cultural importance appreciated by collectors.

Many of the techniques, tools and materials used at Hans Weisshaar are the same ones used in fine art restoration and in the medical field. Our workshop is able to restore instruments to their former glory due to proper application of modern technologies, which are far less invasive to the original instrument.


During the lifetime of a bow or an instrument, each undergoes routine procedures, from frequent cleaning or the rehairing of bows to sound adjustments and complicated accident repairs of instruments. Long-term restorations, which can sometimes last even years, require specialized care and expertise.

The Hans Weisshaar firm offers all services necessary for the string musician, for full-size and smaller instruments and for every level of ability. These include bow rehairing and adjustments for playability and sound. We help choose the right set of strings and advise you about useful accessories: a variety of fine tuners, bridges, pegs, chin and shoulder rests and our genuine Weisshaar cello endpins.

Hans Weisshaar is acquainted with all the major musical instrument insurers, and has dealt with them on a regular basis for decades. We gladly assist our clients in cases of claims or accidents.


Instruments and Rentals


At Hans Weisshaar, we believe that a perfect performing instrument will make a child’s music education a pleasant and lasting experience. All instruments are set up by experienced craftsmen in our own workshop and are adjusted for best sound results. Bows are all strung with genuine, high-quality horse hair for best playability. We have a wide selection of student instruments available in full size and fractional size for violin, viola and cello.

A purchase of a high quality student instrument from Hans Weisshaar includes many benefits such as a generous trade in policy, priority maintenance service, an instrument loan program, and a wide selection of accessories, strings and cases.



Hans Weisshaar offers a rental program appreciated by a large number of students and teachers. Music institutions far beyond the borders of California rely on the quality which the Hans Weisshaar name represents. We offer two rental programs, STUDENT and MAESTRO, for full-size as well as small-size instruments. Please telephone us to inquire about availability. The rental outfit includes an instrument, a bow, and a case.

We rent in three-month periods and offer a rent-to-own program for musicians who wish to purchase the rental outfit. The first three-month rental period payment may be applied to the purchase price of the instrument.

For more details and requirements for our rental program see our rental policy and rental contract.


Click instrument type for rates:

Violin Rental

Student $19 per month / Maestro $29 per month

Viola Rental

Student $19 per month / Maestro $29 per month

Cello Rental

Student $49 per month / Maestro $69 per month


Rental Outfits are available at our premises in San Marino at:
Hans Weisshaar
936 Huntington Drive, Suite E
San Marino, CA 91108

For more information, please contact us at
Tel (323) 466-6293


In the Los Angeles area:

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    Tel. (323) 466-6293

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